Upstore premium account prices

upstore premium account prices

Are you tired of spending more money uploading files due to the huge sizes and number of your files? Worry no more. premium account is all you need to save your money. Upstore is a cloud store that was created in 2012 to give you the opportunity to upload, share and store files and folders. It is the most reliable way of sharing folders and files with friends, family, colleagues and everyone you wish to through the web.

Upstore premium account benefits

upstore premium account benefits

The most amazing thing with Upstore is that it allows for the upload and sending of huge sizes of files and folders. With Upstore premium account you can upload folders or files sizes up to 5GB. This guarantees you that you wouldn’t have to split your folders or minimize them so as to fit into the maximum capacity allowed. This means you will always share complete and sizeable documents to all you wish to.

Another astounding feature of this software is the freedom it gives its users. It doesn’t restrict the type of files to upload and share. This feature, coupled with its ability to upload large sizes of folders makes it the most desirable online file sharing software. The users are only required to adhere to the European Union or the US laws on the nature of the contents they share. This prevents the sharing of obscene and uncouth content that might be offensive to some individuals.

With Upstore premium account, you can upload send or download files with the maximum possible speed. This is a feature that makes it the most reliable and convenient online document upload option. It consumes the least time meaning you can do numerous uploads within the shortest time. Its speed ensures you spend the least on data costs as slow upload options would demand you to purchase larger denominations of data bundles. The high speed it possesses also means that you can use this facility despite the poor strength and unreliability of internet connection in your location.

The app works with just one click! This makes it time-saving and relieves its users the fear of sharing multiple files of similar content. Apart from saving the users’ time, the one-click feature gives them the certainty that the files they are working on are uploaded, downloaded or shared. Most of the other available file sharing apps require double or numerous clicks, thus, the users cannot easily determine whether or not the upload or download command has been made. The one-click feature ensures that despite the fluctuating internet connection, depending on the location of its users, they can rest assured that their clicks command their operations. The click further allows the users to make many uploads within the shortest time.

A unique feature of this upload software is its ability to allow concurrent upload of folders. This is a very important feature that gives its users the chance to make maximum use of their limited time and data. It is, therefore, the most convenient option for sharing files for those people with a lot of content to share. It also enhances the clearing of backlogs of files in busy offices or even individual tasks.

Upstore premium account allows users to make immediate uploads and downloads after a previous one. The continuous immediate downloads ease its users the burden of pausing between uploads. This saves both the time and charges spent sharing their documents. This is a feature that is considerate of everyone as it is the desire of everyone to spent little for maximum returns.

Upstore premium allows for the safe custody of content being shared by its users. Once a file or folder is uploaded, shared and downloaded, there is no need for the parties to worry about losing them. The files or folders may be retrieved at any time or future date. This makes this app the one of the most reliable as since most of the devices being used are prone to tamper, loss or crashes that might lead to the loss of contents kept in them. The shared files may, therefore, be used whenever need arise and can be used as evidence in various forums.

The app is available for everyone free of charge. Anybody can register an account at any time all over the world provided they have an internet connection. It is also available free of charge! If you are looking for the reliable app for sharing files, Upstore Premium account should be your choice.

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