Why is Upstore better than local backup?

With the advancement in technology there has been a major change in the way people saved their data! If there used to be only local backups using CD’s or similar, now we can backup our data by simply using our computer! This method is called Cloud Backup, and it proved to be a very good alternative to save the data by using the internet.

However, people might not be so sure which data saving method is better. So here is the reason why cloud backup is better than local backup.But first, we must understand what are they:

The local backup

The local backup has been used long before the cloud backup, and it basically means saving data through local storage devices, such as: hard-disks, flash-disks, or CD’s. It still remains a good method to store data.

The major issues of local backup

  1. A decent storage device is actually quite expensive! You never know how much data you will need to store, so you will spend a lot of money only for enough storage. Sometimes the prices of those devices could get to thousands of dollars, and some need a specialist to take care of
  2. It has a lack of accessibility! If you don’t have physical access to your storage device, you will not be able to use it for your presentations or anything else. The problem is that you can’t do anything about it. Since you didn’t store it on the internet, you will have to go and take it back from where you forgot it, or even worse, you could lose it!
  3. A very big issue with storage devices is that they can also fail when you least expect, making you lose your valuable data, unless you store it on a secondary device. This is what makes people switch on cloud backup.

Upstore backup

If a local backup is saving data through physical storage devices, Upstore backup is the opposite! This brilliant technology helps you save an enormous amount of data with the help of the internet, without spending a fortune for storage devices. Companies give a tremendous (or unlimited) amount of storage for a little amount of dollars every month!

Why Upstore backup makes a better job at keeping your files safe

  1. The biggest advantage of Upstore storage is the unlimited amount of space. Although free cloud is doesn’t have unlimited storage, for a small price paid every month for Upstore premium, people can save as much data as they need, without worrying about buying other devices.
  • Upstore is protected by what is sometimes called ‘military-grade encryption’ algorithms and are usually guaranteed to keep your data safe and secure.
  • The Upstore drives have a very accessible price, by paying only a small amount of dollars per month, and some even come free, but with some limitations.

Overall, the Upstore proves to be more efficient than local backup, due to its accessibility and ease of use!


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